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Purchasing from ticket sales points
Date Updated: 1396/02/03


 Purchasing from ticket sales points

  • In order to provide the passengers’ convenience and to facilitate proper planning of their travel experience, IRIR (RAJA) passenger tickets would be presold at 1600 sales points at uniform prices nationwide.
  • Passengers should carry and be able to present a valid ID (such as the Birth Certificate or other documents) all through the journey.
  • Presenting the passenger’s national ID number and date of birth is mandatory at the time of purchasing tickets. No tickets would be issued in case any of the above information is missing.
  • For the convenience of ladies and men who travel alone, tickets for female-only/ male-only compartments would be issued upon the request of the passenger. Tickets for female-only compartments wouldn’t be issued for males of 6 years old and above.
  • Ticket purchases are carried out through a national network. If you cannot find the tickets for your desired time and dates at a given sales point it means that tickets are not available for the particular time all over the network, and referring to other sales points is not required.
  • Review all the personal details and travel information on the ticket immediately after issuance, and inform the issuing agent in case of any discrepancies. 
  • Do not accept ticket that are not issued to your name, or are somehow defaced.
  • In case a passenger carries and presents tickets not issued in their names, they would be considered as not having tickets. Ticket control officers would cancel such tickets, and would charge the passengers carrying them the total fare of an adult ticket for normal trains and 1.5 times of the fare for Express trains upon arrival at the stations.
  • Passengers must carry and be able to present their ticket all through the journey.
  • Request for purchases of more than two full compartments would be subject to group travel charges.
  • Organizations, industries and factories interested in arranging contracts for chartered and presold tickets for defined periods of time are requested to contact us at +98 21 88347027.
  • Passengers are recommended to plan and purchase their tickets in advance as a very limited number of seats are available for same-day purchases in case of cancellations made from 10 AM on the day prior to the journey to the time of departure.
  • Certain appointed sales points are available on holidays for ticketing services. For inquiries regarding the list, addresses, contacts and working hours of such agencies please contact 1539.
  • Passengers can as well purchase their tickets online. For this, please refer to RAJA website.
  • For all inquiries regarding ticket fares, Availability, type of trains, etc. you are required to call 1539 or visit www.raja.ir
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