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Date Updated: 1394/09/01

Employing the capabilities and expertise of local engineers, RAJA Passenger Train Company commenced the development and programming process of their new ticket sales system. The three sections of sales agents, online sales, and mobile phone sales are implemented in this program. Passengers can obtain their train tickets at the sale agencies, or via internet or mobile phone (Ham-Qatar System) ticketing systems. Currently, train tickets are sold through some 1600 sales points across the country. Also, passengers who intend to buy their tickets online can sign up and log into RAJA eTicketing system at www.ticket2.raja.ir. The ticket fares can be paid using SHETAB cards through Parsian, Passargad and Mellat banks. Upon completion of the purchasing process, passengers can either obtain the physical ticket by clicking on the PRINT key in front of each item and printing it or chose to receive the purchase serial number, car number, compartment number and departure date and present them to any of the authorized sales agents along with the passengers’ valid IS and claim the print-out.

Service on the eTicketing system of RAJA Company:

1.     Ticket purchasing

2.     History of purchases

3.     Searching the purchased tickets

4.     Refunds or compensations inquiries

5.     Ham-Qatar ticket printing

6.     Passenger’s guide to the tracking of unsuccessful purchaces

7.     FAQs


In the purchasing part, passengers can enter the destination, desired dates (for one-way or return tickets), number of passengers (maximum of 4 -6 depending on the type of compartments), gender (male-only, female-only, regular), number of adults, children (2-12 years old) and infants (under 2), and number of war martyrs or war veterans. Passengers can also choose to charter out a compartment. In case the number of passengers is smaller than then number of seats in the compartment (4 or 6) passengers are required to opt for the “charter-out” on the first page, and enter the actual number of travelers wherever asked. Also, those who intend to use the war martyrs’ and veterans’ quota are required to enter the number of the eligible persons in the relevant part. Refund of eTeckets before and after printing could be done only through the sales points.

Benefits of the new system are as follows:

-         It is linked to the National Organization for Civil Registration.

-         Passengers can buy auto freight tickets on the website.

-         Passengers can purchase layover tickets.

-         Unlimited number of sales agents can log onto the system simultaneously.

-         Passengers can choose their preferred meal at the time of purchase at the sales offices.

-         Problems with the previous eTicketing system are resolved.

-         Passengers can learn about the availability of tickets on the spot.

-         Passengers can choose to receive information regarding ticket availability and fares online or by text messages.

-         Passengers have a wide variety of food choices.

-         Possibility of establishing new ticket sales methods (e.g. through ATMs and mobile phones - USSD) is foreseen in the new system.

-         Passengers can send reports of the sales systems at the sales agencies in order for the officials to better monitor the function of agencies.

-         The new system is by far faster.

-         The system is never disconnected and is always online.

-         Passengers can pay through POS at the sales points.

-         Purchasing tickets for non-Iranian nationals is now possible.

-         Passengers are notified by text messages in case of refunds.

Possibility of establishing new ticket sales methods (e.g. through ATMs and mobile phones - USSD) and phone sales is foreseen in the new system
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