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Passengers’ rights
Date Updated: 1394/09/29


Passengers’ rights regarding tickets

·        All refunded and cancelled tickets are returned to the sales system from 10 A.M. the day before the departure date and would be available at the sales point in the city of departure and nearby towns. (If the day before the departure is a holiday, the departure ticket would be issued for one day earlier. E.g. tickets for Saturday are available on Thursday).

·        Loss of the ticket: if the passenger is present at the stations with online ticketing system well ahead of the departure (maximum 45 minutes before the train departs) and within the office hours a replacement ticket would be issued in accordance to the pertinent regulations. The missing ticket must have been issued through the computer network and must not have been cancelled or refunded. In case a replacement ticket is issued, the passenger would be charged 5% of the total fare, and if the second ticket is lost, no more replicas would be issued. Currently, replacement tickets are not cancelled or refunded online. (cancellation of replacement ticket is subject to presentation of the original ticket and the replica at online stations and other sales points, and would be done upon the authorizations of the Office for Planning and Sales Operation.)

·         Delayed departure: any delay in the departure of those trains whose passengers have passed through ticket control gates and are on the platform or on board is considered as the ultimate delay and can be claimed for compensation at the destination.

·        Excessive delay in arrival at the destination in express and fast trains: provided that the delay is not caused by force majeure. If the train arrives at the next station after the daily meal times passengers would be entitled to a free meal according to their boarding time. Scheduled meal times are as follows: breakfast after 8:00 AM, lunch after 13:00, and dinner after 20:00. Delay calculations would vary on various routes.

·        Delays that would result in the passenger’s missing the next train: if the excessive delay causes the passenger to miss their connection train, full ticket fare would be refunded or the passenger will be sent on the next train free of charge, provided that the interval between the arrival of the previous train and departure of the next train exceeds three hours and both tickets are issued in the name of the same given passenger. In case the passenger is forced to stay overnight, RAJA would undertake all the charges of their accommodation and food. If the passenger is sent on lower class train than the originally purchased one the difference would be refunded, and if the passenger is sent on a higher class train, they won’t be charged.

·        Train delays resulting in the passenger's missing other means of transport (ships, planes, buses): if the delay exceeds three hours and is not caused by the force majeure, and the scheduled connection interval is +4 hours, and both tickets are issued in the name of the same given passenger, they can refer to the trading management of RAJA, and present the required documents in order to claim compensations and refunds for the train and other means of transport.

·        In case of cancellation of the journey prior to commencement on the side of the passenger due to excessive delay at the departure port: if the delay of +1 hour is confirmed and the passengers are informed of such delay, and if the ticket office at the station is open, and the passenger’s ticket is not punched, and the cancellations takes effect before the departure of the train, full refund would be made on the same day and at the same station.

·        Ticket cancellation: within maximum one hour after issuance, provided that the cancellation is prior to the departure of the train and the ticket office is open, full refund would be made exclusively in the same sales point. ETeckets and tickets purchased from ATMs are not subject to cancellation as such, and they can be refunded merely in accordance with the pertinent regulations.

·        Cancellation of scheduled train trip on the side of the train company: full refund shall be made within one month after the scheduled travel date at all sales points. Alternatively, the passenger can choose to enjoy priority in purchasing other, upcoming train trips.

·        Cancellation of departure trip for the holders of return tickets: if both tickets are made to the same name, the passenger can claim a full refund within maximum one month from the scheduled departure date at all sales points, or choose to have a new ticket for another trip issued for them with priority. The return ticket would be as well refunded upon the request of the passenger maximum by three hours prior to the departure of the return train.

·        Cancellation of the trip while on the way and return of the passengers to the port of departure: if the ticket is issued in the name of the passenger, the full fare would be refunded to them within a maximum of one month after the scheduled departure date at all sales points.

·        Cancellation of the trip while on the way, and sending the passengers to the destination by other means of transport: if the halt is not caused by the force majeure and the passengers’ arrival occurs with excessive delay, 50% of the ticket fare could be refunded after subtraction of service charges.    

·        Total failure of the air conditioning system: provided that the ticket is issued in the name of the passenger, 50% of the fare would be refunded under certain conditions after subtraction of service charges within one month from the departure date.

·        Inevitable relocation of the passenger during the trip due to detachment of a car:‌ if the ticket is issued in the name of the passenger, and if they are transferred to a compartment of the same class of the original, 50% of the ticket fare could be refunded after subtraction of service charges. If the passenger is transferred to a lower class of compartments or the dining car or the corridors, 100% of the fare would be refundable upon subtraction of service charged within 1 month after the departure date.


·        Serving food and snacks can be requested by the passengers on certain types of special trains. Thus, passengers can choose to be served during the trip at the time of purchasing the ticket, and pay the required fees.    

·        Compensation and refunds are possible only upon presentation of a valid ID and a photocopy of such document together with the original used ticket within one month after the scheduled departure date at all sales agencies.

·        In case the train officials spot a passenger without a ticket on regular and fast trains, they would charge the passenger a total fare and issue receipts for them. On express trains the charge would be 1.5 times the original fare.

·        Issuance of receipt for passengers without tickets would not guaranty them a seat.


Half-price tickets: regulations

·        Issuance of half-price tickets for the war veterans and families of war martyrs can be carried out only upon presentation of valid ID card from their respective organizations at all sales points.

·        Half-price tickets would be issued for children of 2 to 12 years old upon presentation of birth certificate.

·        Infants under 2 years of age would be charged 10 percent of full fare without occupying a seat. In case an added seat is required for them, half-price tickets would be issued for them in the same compartments as their parents.


Regulations of ticket cancellation and refund at sales agencies

·        Tickets can be cancelled and fully refunded before the departure of the train within maximum one hour of issuance at the sales points provided that they are open.

·        Passenger tickets can be refunded in all network-based sales points (within the office hours of sales agencies) under the following conditions simply upon presenting a valid ID, and the passengers wouldn’t need to refer to the original sales point: 

o   Cancellation until 12:00 one day before the departure: 90% refund

o   Cancellation from 12:00 the day before the departure up to 3 hours before the departure: 70% refund

o   Cancellation from three hours before the departure until the departure: 50% refund

o   Cancellation is not possible after the departure of the train.


Special services for the families of war martyrs, war veterans and the disabled

·        Issuing half-price for war veterans and families of war martyrs (upon presentation of valid ID of the respective organization) for both the departure and return trips at all sales points. Those using this discount must have their IDs at ready and be able to present it whenever asked to.

·        The war veterans and martyr families who intend to use the abovementioned discount are required to enter the number of eligible passengers in the “number of passengers” on the “travel details” page.

·        If it is deemed necessary by the Organization of War Veterans for the veteran to be accompanied by another person, the companion could also use 50% discount in the ticket fare upon presentation of letter of introduction from the respective organization.

·        The assistance stand at the railway station is prepared to provide medical services the veterans, the disabled and all those in need of medical assistance.

·        Slopes and lifts are provided for the wheelchair roaming.

·        There are wheelchairs onboard the trains for those in need of them.

War veterans and martyr families priority: in order to respect the veterans and martyrs of the Holy Defense and their families, they would be given priority on the waiting list once referring to the ticket offices.
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