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Date Updated: 1394/09/29


Prayers stop

As the length of certain journeys necessitates stops for prayers, such stops are foreseen and scheduled for the convenience of passengers on all RAJA trains that depart within less than one hour after the call for the prayers (Adan) and would arrive at destination at a time when the time of prayers would be missed. Thus, the train would stop for 20 minutes at a pre-scheduled station (at certain stations En route Mashhad the stop time would be increased to 25 minutes). Passengers can follow the signs or directions of the station officials in order to say their prayers.

Notes: all facilities (ablution place, prayer room, special prayer chairs for the disabled, etc.) are provided at the stations where prayer stops take place. Passengers can also use other facilities at the stations during the stop.

-         The attendants would inform the passengers prior to arrival at the prayer stops so the passengers have time to make necessary preparations.

-         Passengers are recommended to leave someone inside the compartment in order to watch their belongings while they are away for the prayers.

-         As it is not possible for passenger trains to stop at the stations for over 20 minutes, passengers are required to plan and manage their time of leave for prayers appropriately and count in their return time as well.

-         As there could be two or more trains at the station at the same time, passengers are required to take note of their own train and be careful not to board onto the wrong one. 

About the Staff

Chairman and deputy-chairman of station

-         Responsibility, solving the problems of the passengers, contractors and station staff

-         Monitoring and ensuring provision of good quality services for passengers

-         Monitoring the appropriate function of all facilities and equipment at the station

-         Monitoring the performance of contractors and ensuring its quality

-         Informing the senior managers of the unresolved issues and seek solutions   

-         Making arrangements for implementation of equipment, development and service plans at the station

-         Planning, arranging and following up for the passengers complaints and opinions; providing the passengers with the required services to improve services

-         Guiding passengers

-         Directing passengers for optimum use of services and facilities provided at the stations

-         Noticing and correcting misconducts

-         Controlling the entrances and exits

-         Monitoring ticket control gates

-         Confirming the passengers tickets and conforming tickets and their IDs

-         Preventing individuals without tickets or holding invalid tickets from entering the platforms

-         Observing the principles of good conduct and responsible attitude towards the passengers and station staff

-         Referring passengers with problematic tickets to management


Information officer

-         Appropriate accountability against the clients questions

-         Directing passengers to required or necessary areas or sections

-         Announcing the latest train status through Public Address (PA) system

-         Announcing the lost and found individuals through the PA system

-         Announcing general information for the clients through the PA system


Physicians and paramedics at special service unit

-         Providing passengers, their companions and the station staff with free rescue and medical services

-         Moving the disabled on wheelchairs from the train to the desired vehicle at the time of leaving the station

-         Transferring those injured onboard to the nearest hospital by ambulance free of charge


Officer in charge of the items left on the train or at the station

-         Collecting the left items from the attendants, staff or other passengers and issuing receipts for the person who delivers them

-         Registering the found items on the computer system

-         Follow-ups to find the owners of the left objects and assisting passengers with lost belongings

-         Delivering the items to their owners against receipts   


Railway station rules and regulations

Our colleagues make round-the-clock efforts for the passengers’ welfare and comfort. Passengers are kindly requested to observe the followings in order to assist us.


·        Carrying pyrogens, flammable, malodorous, or dangerous substances of any nature in the stations is strictly forbidden.

·        Brining oversized packages and animals into the stations is forbidden.

·        Presenting valid ID at the ticket control points is mandatory.

·        Individuals without tickets or carrying defaced tickets or tickets in the name of others would be prohibited from entering the platforms.

·        Train doors would be closed 10 minutes prior to departure. Passengers are requested to be present at the station in a timely manner.

·        Passengers are requested to observe the regulations of hijab and Islamic dress code.

·        Please do not litter the station premises with cigarette butts, chewing gum, etc. Trash bins are provided across the platform and stations for your convenience.

·        Please do not touch or manipulate the signs and boards installed at the station.

·        Sitting or lying on the floors, stairs, or passageways is prohibited.

·        Please monitor your luggage and belongings carefully. Do not leave any of your belongings at the station.

·        Do not accept to keep any luggage or items from strangers. Avoid leaving your belongings with individuals you do not know.

·        Making noise or causing any disturbance for other passengers is prohibited.

·        Smoking is banned in all halls, kiosks and offices.

·        Individuals are strictly prohibited from walking on the railway tracks.

·        Begging, peddling or any other act that would possibly cause disturbance for passengers is prohibited.

·        Removing luggage trolleys from the station premises is prohibited.

·        For your own safety, you are requested to keep the safe distance from tracks. (keep behind the yellow lines on the platform).

·        Trains departing within minimum one hour after adan time won’t have prayer stop. Please refer to the mosque or prayer room at the station for the prayers.

·        Putting up boards, signs and posters at the stations is forbidden.

·        Prior permission of the station management must be obtained for advertising activities, interviews, opinion polls, or shooting of any nature.



Do not rush at the time of boarding.

Help the elderly and the children at the time of boarding.

Do not accept any food, drinks or medicine from individuals you do not know.

Report any breach of law or suspicious behavior to the management.

Use water with cautious and try to save it.

Keep the minors under close observation at all times.

Observe the safety instructions while using the escalators.

The most significant projects and achievements

The most significant projects and achievements of the General Bureau of Railway Station Services in the past years

Development and renovation of stations

The bureau has always been concerned with provision of appropriate passenger halls at departure and arrival stations. Among the biggest issues were the small size of waiting halls, old age of the buildings, and development and expansion of passenger traffic over the past years. In order to address these issues, over 40 development projects have been carried out with the aim of renovating and improving the railway network. The most significant ones are listed below:

·        Development and renovation of the passenger halls at Shahrud and Ahvaz stations

·        Improvement of the interior layout at Tehran, Mashhad, Yazd and Gorgan stations

Reconstruction/ construction of waiting halls at Chamsangar, Dorud, Nurabad, and other stations; renovation of the prayer rooms and lavatories

Good care and sanitation of the lavatories and prayer rooms are of particular importance as they are not used on a daily basis, but also used by passengers for their prayers, especially at the prayer stops. A total of 117 projects have been conducted to renovate and improve the existing prayer rooms and lavatories, or to build new ones.

·        Construction of prayer room and restroom facilities at stations of Fariman, Aradur, Semnan, Shahrud, Damqan, Shus, Rahgard, Zarand, Ahudasht, etc.

·        Construction of restroom facilities at stations of Saraju, Pishva, Samin Dasht, Sepid Dasht

·        Construction/ improvement of restroom facilities long Loresrtan route


Repair work and extension of platforms

Construction, extension and reconstruction of platforms for the passengers to get on/off the trains have been on agenda. In the past years, 51 projects have been conducted to address this the most important of which are listed below.

·        Construction of platforms 6 and 7 at Tehran station

·        Improvement of platforms at Yazd and Gorgan

·        Extension of platforms 1,2, and 3 at Mashhad, Saraju

·        Extension and reconstruction of platforms at Sahand, Rahkard, and Somayyeh stations


Designing and construction of shades at the stations and platforms

Implementations of shades for passenger platforms and lanes at the stations to protect passengers from the snow, rain and direct sunlight has been on agenda. So far, 6700 m2 of shades have been installed over the platforms and another 2000 m2 is now covering the underpasses in various stations. Some of the completed operations are as follows:

Installation of platform shades at Tehran, Karoon, Northeast zone, Northwest zone, etc.


Electrical, lighting and sound (PA) systems

The general office has designed and implemented over 100 projects of electrical, lighting and sound systems at several stations in order to improve safety and passenger experience at the stations and to keep the passengers informed. Some of the projects are listed here.

·        Installation and operation of escalators and lifts at Tehran, Mashhad, and Tabriz stations

·        Installation of the sound (PA) system at Azna, Espidan, Andimeshk, Ahvaz, Bafq, Tabriz, Smenan, Kashan

·        Design and installation of lighting systems at Khorasan (all stations across the zone), Northeast (all stations across the zone), …


Safety and security - Fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems at passenger stations

The railways system in Iran is considered to be the safest means of transportation. In order to further the passengers’ comfort and safety, the general office planned and carried out 37 projects of fire alarming, fire extinguishing and security systems at passengers stations the most notable of which are listed here:

·        Development and implementation of fire alarming and fire extinguishing systems at stations of Tehran, Isfahan, Hormozgan (all the stations across the zone), Northeast (all the stations across the zone), Arak (all the stations across the zone), South (all the stations across the zone), …

·        Seismic improvement plan at the stations of Tehran, Shahrud, Andimeshk

·        Installation of CCTV systems at the stations of Tehran, Mashhad, etc.

·        Examining the current safety and security conditions at various stations and compiling safety directions; planning and implementation of mechanized cleaning systems and sanitary waste collection for the purpose of safety certificate of stations; improvement of services at passengers stations


Railways relief and rescue systems are considered as a significant part of medical emergency and basic medical measures at the time of accidents. In this regard, plans have been carried out at Tehran station and other stations along the South axis.

·        Design and installation of 7 X-Ray machines at the stations of Mashhad, Bandar-e Abbas, etc.


Information, identification and direction sign posts

in order to facilitate information and direction of the passengers and to prevent their confusion while using facilities and services at the stations, 1500 signposts have been set up in various areas taking into consideration the cultural and geographical features of a given area. All the signposts have been uniformly standardized across all the stations.

·        Design and set-up of route signposts at the stations of Tehran, Northeast, Khorasan, Hormozgan, etc.

·        Setting up the information desk at Sari, Sepid Dasht, Kerman, Bafq, etc.

·        Installation of passenger service machines such as ATM, touch screen machines, etc. at the stations of Tehran, Ahvaz, and Mashhad among other stations


Beautification, layout, and landscaping of stations

For the purpose of efficient use of station space and further passenger convenience while using the facilities at the stations, the general office has planned and carried out projects some of which are listed below:

·        Beautification and landscaping of Tehran station

·        Façade of the stations along Lorestan axis

·        Installation of vending stalls at the stations of Tehran, Ahvaz, Isfahan, bandar-e Abbas

·        Design and set-up of the layout of stations in Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Bandar-e Abbas, Gorgan, Andimeshk, Ahvaz, Azna, Sari


Optimization of the environment for the elderly and the disabled

Considering their mission to satisfy the passengers and to provide services for all groups, the general office has carried out projects to optimize the station environment for the disabled and the elderly.

Setting up lifts and ramps, optimization of facilities (wheelchairs, water dispensers, public phones, etc.) at stations with priority; membership at the optimization committee

Setting up service stalls (hotel reservation, taxi, barbershop, coffee net, press, etc.)   

·        Development of technology at stations 
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