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Car freight
Date Updated: 1394/09/29


What must be done at the point of departure?

Admitting automobiles to be carried by train starts at 8:00 AM on the departure day, and the latest time to deliver vehicles would be the departure time noted on the tickets.

As for the vehicles transited through Tehran station, the ticket to the second/ final destination must be purchased for one day after the arrival date in Tehran (e.g. if the car is being freighted from Tabriz to Kerman, if the Tabriz- Tehran train arrives in Tehran on Monday morning, the Tehran- Kerman ticket must be issued for Tuesday.) This interval would be eliminated upon the lift of restrictions at Tehran station.

For safety reasons, the fuel tanks of the cars must be filled up to maximum ¼ of the capacity at the time of delivery to the warehouse. This must be strictly observed.

Also, the battery post would be disconnected at the departure port and connected again at the destination.

Vehicles to be carried on the train must be of maximum height of 158 cm and width of 180 cm. This must be checked and noted at the time of purchasing tickets.

All accessories extras must be removed from the vehicle at the time of delivery (except for jacks and spare tires). No claims on the side of the owner would be deemed valid regarding accessories at the destination.

Car owners are requested to inform the officials of any existing deficits or damages or missing parts in their vehicles at the point of departure in order to avoid complications at the destination.

New cars which do not have a license plate yet would be registered using the last 6 digits of the VIN. Also, the owner must present the purchase documents.

In order to have corporate vehicles freighted, presenting letters of introduction form the respective organization is mandatory.

Tickets can be issued for the cars with temporary license and transit cars only within the period of validity of their permits.

Presenting identification documents of the car and the owner is mandatory both at the departure port and the destination.

The insurance fees would be calculated based on the price of the car and charged at the time of admission.

Defective or dented cars wouldn’t be accepted for freighting.


What must be done at the destination?

The owner must clear and receive the vehicle upon presenting identification documents immediately after being notified of the arrival of the vehicle. Otherwise, the release of their vehicle would be subject to daily parking and storage charges of 15000 IRR from the first day to end of the 6th day, and 30000 IRR from the 7th day on.

The owner or the individual in charge of collecting the car must present a valid ID and waybill filled out at the point of departure. Vehicles wouldn’t be delivered to unauthorized individuals or those without valid ID.

In case of delays in the delivery of the vehicle at the destination, 50% of the fare would be refunded if the delay lasts more than 24 hours, and 100% of the fare would be refunded if the vehicle is not delivered.


Car freight ticket refund conditions

The day before departure until 12:00: 90%

From 12:00 the day before departure up to 3 hours prior to departure: 70%

From 3 hours prior to departure until the time of departure: 50%

Once the car is loaded and the train has departed, ticket s cannot be refunded.



Important notes regarding car freight by train

In order to claim delay compensations, owners must refer to one of the RAJA sales points and present the original ticket and valid ID.

In case of ticket loss, the replacement ticket can be issued in accordance with relevant regulations.

The details regarding car freight (including dates and times of departure, delivery conditions, etc.) are noted on the ticket.

 Note: in multiple routes where there is no solid fare available, the fare would be calculated based on the sum of the fares of all routes with approved freight rates as one-way fare. 

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