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Date Updated: 1395/07/19


In order to improve and honor passenger service section at railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran, creation of a dynamic, expert, and responsible set with customer-orientation viewpoint seems to be necessary. In this regard, RAJA Rail Transportation Company was started in November 1996 with the aim of improving quality and quantity aspects of services provided to passengers section. Optimization of facilities, permanent improvement, efficiency increase, and desirable service in line with organizational exaltation and improvement of quality and quantity level of passengers services have been the policy of RAJA.
In  March 2010, after 13 years of activity and management in passenger section of Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran, RAJA Rail Transportation Company was transferred to Social Security Organization based on the approval of the Board of Ministers in order to settled debts of Railways Co. to Social Security Organization. After this date and separation of sovereignty duties from management, and transfer of sovereignty sections to the Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran, RAJA Rail Transportation Company continued its activities as one of the greatest private rail transportation companies, transferring about 70% of passengers. Presently, this company tries to provide more pleasant conditions to the passengers by using the experience and expertise of the efficient personnel in different fields of management, design, engineering, planning, research, service, and repair as well as applying existing facilities. 
During serving period, RAJA placed respect to referred clients, right of passengers, up graded level of services and permanent improvement of travel conditions with train at its major policy and applied valuable services leading such policies. Moreover, creation and development of activities in cargo transportation section was also predicted at new Articles of Association of RAJA Rail Transportation Company. Summary of these activities are outlined hereunder.

 CEO Message

RAJA Railway Transportation Co. is a leader in accountability and also customer orientation and care, and has always endeavored to constantly improve its travel services to all passengers both quantitatively and qualitatively.

After two decades and by holding a considerable share of passenger and service cars in the Iranian railway sector, Raja is still the key player in providing railway services, securing 65% of the overall rail travels. We are also tapping into railway-related knowledge and experiences in a bid to renovate and enhance our fleet, increase our passenger capacity, pave the way for further contribution of the private sector, and draw our travel speeds closer to our long-term excellence goals, which are all needed for rendering better and more services to our esteemed clients.

Vision of RAJA company is aiming at offering world-class service quality (safety, speed and comfort), launching new urban and local rail routes, renovating its fleet in response to customer needs, reducing the age of its fleet, implementing a CRM system, following up timely and efficiently customer needs and expectations, and developing cultural projects (e.g. building libraries, and publishing and distributing newspapers and publications in cars).

we have revised our approach to media communications by taking into account the functions of modern media, developing a new portal that offers more services to its users, sending departure times and newsletters electronically to subscribers, fielding all user emails, developing a virtual tour of trains, designing and publishing RAJA’s multimedia application, creating online communication channels and social network pages, etc. in order to forge more efficient relationships with customers.

We are using digital and electronic technologies and expanding our communication channels to understand the current and potential needs and expectations of our clients in the near or far future, and to preemptively prepare ourselves with solutions for their future requirements.

It is hoped that, through mutual communication, and backed by our strong resolution, planning and wisdom, we will be honored to be the first choice of travel and receiving the highest score in customer satisfaction.


Mohamed Rajabi,


1. National selected company for wisdom economization (the third Shahid Rajaei Festival, 2000)
2. National exemplary company for attracting pubic contribution and decreasing government management (the fifth Shahid Rajaei Festival, 2001)
3. Establishment of ISO standard in different sections of the company
4. Obtaining the Certificate of Dedication to Excellence from the first and the third National Quality Prize              (2003 and 2005)
5. Obtaining the Certificate of Organizational Excellence from the first and the third National Productivity Prize (2003 and 2005)
6. State Answering Organization and collecting Plaque of Honor and sculpture for superior public relations in the field of responding referred clients and system for collecting public suggestions (2003)
7. State Superior Public Relations for designing and executing public suggestion systems (1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003)
8. State Superior Public Relations in media communication, communication with addressees and responding them.
9. Obtaining superior contents analyzing grade from the Festival for Public Relations Research (2004)
10. Obtaining the crystal statue  from the National Festival of Green Economy (2004 and 2005)
11. Obtaining the Plaque of Honor for Respecting Referred Clients in Khorasan Province 
12. National selected company in E-commerce at the third National Conference on E-Commerce (2005)
13. Granting Public Sign for  the third rank of competency and management by the former president to the Managing Director of RAJA Co. (2005)
14. Obtaining the Certificate of Observance of Users Rights (2006)
15. Obtaining the Expectation Statue in expectation and messianic areas from the former President (the International Conference on Messianic Doctrine 2007) 
16. Obtaining the Service and Answering Statue as the best answering organization affiliated to the public at the 14th Service and Answering Festival (2007)
17. Obtaining the Statue and Honorary Plaque from the 10th International Conference on Rail Transportation Industry (October 2008)
18. Winning the Best Advertisement Moto under the title of “RAJA, your ever companion” (January 2009)
19. Superior Public Relations in execution of creative plans at the year named “Year of Renovation and Blossom” (January 2009)
20. Obtaining the Special Sing at the 4th International Symposium on Public Relations
21. Obtaining the third rank at the Shahid Rajaei Festival, Tehran Province (Summer 2009)
22. Superior Public Relations at “Communication Research” at the 6th International Symposium on Public Relations (January 2010)
23. Obtaining the first national rank in documentation at the fifth National Festival of Public Relations Publication (March 2010)
24. Superior public relations of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Planning from among 192 public relations in Iran. (July 2010)
25. Obtaining the first rank in Public Communications (inside and outside of the organization) at the second Festival of Public Relations of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Planning
26. Obtaining the second rank of media communications, advertisement, exhibition, audio-visual activities at the second Festival of Public Relations of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Planning (2011)
27. Obtaining a statue in the Festival of the Best Public Relations of Iran (2014)
28. Obtaining the Certificate of Excellence Commitment (2014)
29. Obtaining the Plaque of Honor in the first International Conference of Brand Strategy (2014)

 Annual Reports

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